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Gaza Mama

Why I Picked This Book?

Gaza Mama: Politics & Parenting in Palestine , I found the title interesting. and moreover I am very much interested to know more about the Israel – Palestine conflict. The genesis of it and why a small country like Palestine has become the most militarized zone of the world. I came across this book by Laila El-Haddad, who is a reporter and was born in Gaza. So I decided to read and get some first hand information of day to day lives of people of Palestine.

The Book

This book is a collection of the writer’s blog articles from 2005 to 2010, which she wrote during her stay in Gaza (mostly). The author being from Palestine and aware of the political atmosphere there brings an account of the daily challenges faced by the people of Palestine. She gives the readers a brief history of the genesis of the conflict between Israel and Palestine and then captures the present situation and how it impacts the common people of Palestine.

While reading the book you will know that out of the total refugees in the world one third are Palestinian refugees. There is a everyday struggle that the people of Gaza have to face be it shooting by the Israeli forces or missile attacks on Palestinians’ home, schools, markets. The author through her articles and blogs takes you through how Israeli occupation has ruined Palestine and made their lives miserable. Anything that enters Palestine has to go through the scrutiny of Israel. One can’t understand how frustrating it can be for the people to wait for days, weeks and sometime months to enter into their own country. The author presents all these challenges from her own experiences.

Being a journalist and correspondent for Al-Jazeera, she captures the political atmosphere and political changes through the period of 2005 to 2010. It gives some perspective to the readers that how everything in Palestine is controlled by Israel with a backing from US. Palestine is virtually dependent on Israel for everything, be it water, electricity, farms, ports or anything and everything that comes to or goes out of Palestine including the citizens of Palestine.

The articles and blogs are short and crisp. Personal blogs are sometimes witty, which is great considering the situation they are being written. Political articles are articulate and informative, and gives you a perspective of the political situation in Gaza, Palestine.

Who Can Read?

Anyone who is interested to know more about the Israel-Palestine conflict and what it is all about. This book gives us the details about the daily lives of the people of Gaza, Palestine and the various challenges and atrocities they face at the hands of Israeli security forces. How various political and militant organizations operate in Palestine and Israel and how does it impact the common people of Palestine. So, the Gaza Mama is a great read for someone who wants enhance his understanding about Palestine and the ongoing conflict and how it impacts the people.

About the Author

Laila El-Haddad is a journalist, political analyst and social activist from Gaza. She and her two young children spend as much time in Gaza as they can but her spouse, a Palestinian physician who grew up in a refugee camp in Lebanon, is not allowed by Israel to enter Gaza. From 2003-2006, El-Haddad was Gaza stringer for the Al-Jazeera

English website and has made two Gaza-based documentaries for Al-Jazeera International. She contributes regularly to the BBC and Guardian Unlimited and has also written for The New Statesman, The Daily Star, Electronic Intifada, Le monde diplomatique and other media outlets.

Our Verdict

A fine read for someone who loves non-fiction and has interest in knowing about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Informative read which brings the realities of Israeli occupation of Palestine. It is story of people living in an open prison.

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