"So many books so little time"
- Frank Zappa

That's why we review some for you!!

A book documenting Amrica's Foreign policy by a great critique and political thinker of twentieth century - Noam Chomsky

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Tomb of Sand
The Living Mountain

A very well-written book, easy to read and understand. The author has done a wonderful job of researching and choosing the people through whose biographies she tells us the story of Canada.

A very well-written book, easy to read and understand. The author has done a wonderful job of researching and choosing the people through whose biographies she tells us the story of Canada.

A fine book to understand the expance of Canada through the eyes of people who mapped it.

A dismantled State is an informative and insighful book about the life in Kashmir post the abrogation of Article 370

These Seats are Reserved is a fine book to know and understand the reservation policy of India

Price of the Modi years, is a fact-based databacked book on the performance of the current government as compared to the previous.

Bad Science is a well-researched book demystifying the myths surrounding alternative medicines.

A compelling, engaging, and well-written book taking the readers on a journey of India’s history of politics and economics since independence.

Thought provoking essays depicting the events and reality of a replubic in crisis by Parakala Prabhakar

An ethnographic approach to Muslims in eleven Indian cities with a quantitative methodology in order to give a first-hand account of this untold story.

An interesting and insightful account of the six women who pioneered and paved the path for Indian girls to become a doctor.

A collection of some brilliant essays by Romila Thapar about history and how it is selectively used by people in powe

A very well researched book on the legal battles fought for caste inequalities in India

"Being Adivasi" is a collection of essays that provides insight into various aspects of the lives of Tribal people.

RSS- The Long And The Short Of It, is a short, crisp and informative book on RSS. It tells the readers what RSS stand for, who are its ideological heros, how RSS see India as a Nation and what are its views on nation, Constitution, individual freedom and caste system.

A memoir that takes us into the villages of Telangana of landless and bonded labourers and how the author organised and helped them fight for their rights.

The Many Faces of Kashmiri Nationalism is a brilliant book to understand the Kashmir's modern history through the lives of two Kashmiri people. A must-read for anyone who has interest in understanding the Kashmir conflict, its history and the present state of affairs.

The basic laws of human stupidity which everyone should be aware of in order to understand and counter stupidity.

The Living Mountain is a reminder of the times we are living in, exploiting nature for profit.


A story of a middle class nuclear family set in today's time where the world is driven by consumerism and the anxieties of a father of a teenage son.

Understanding Kashmir and Kashmiris a fine book taking the readers through the political history of Kashmir

Behold. I Shine is a searing account of the impact of violence in Kashmir on the lives of women and children.

The Last Heroes is a fine book by P.Sainath capturing the lives of foot soldiers of Indian Freedom Struggle. A wonderful amalgamation of history, biography and story telling.

Tuesdays with Morrie is a simple and insightful read providing words of wisdom by Morrie to his student.

Kashmir : Rage and Reason is an informative read on Kashmir, that tries to find out the reasons behind the anger, the ongoing violence and pro-azadi sentiments of Kashmiri people.

Ambedkar : Towards an Enlightened India is a must read for everyone who wants to know and read about Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.

The Dirty War In Kashmir is a good read to understand how things are shaping up in Kashmir in the last few years and the reasons behind it.

A very well written novel about the history of philosophy and philosophers

A Farewell to Gabo and Mercedes a an emotional and moving farewell by the author to his parents.

The Tyranny of Merit is a must read for everyone to understand what constitute merit and is the system of meritocracy actually fair and promote equality as it claims to do. An insightful and eye-opening read.