Note by Note - The story of India

Note by Note: The India Story 1947-2017

“Note by Note: The India Story 1947-2017 is a unique rendering of the eventful and often turbulent seventy-year journey of independent India with film songs representing each of those years. Songs that encapsulate and hold up an oblique mirror to the significant events of the year – events that profoundly impacted our people in the continuing historic journey of our nation.”    —  Shyam Benegal

 Why I picked this book?

The title of the book drew my attention. On further reading about the book, I found that the book is a collection of songs from 1947 till 2017, one song dedicated or representing a year. I found the concept interesting, as a Hindi film music lover and a history enthusiast I thought of taking the road to the journey of India’s story through music. 

The Book

The book is a collection of Hindi film songs from Independence till the year 2017. It captures the journey of India through songs, each song representing the mood and sentiment of the year. The songs of Indian films represent the feelings, aspirations, and desires of the protagonist and some of our great lyricists have represented the feeling very well. As you read the book, you will get to know the general mood of the year through the song and also the main events that happened in that specific year.

A lot of research seems to have gone through in selecting the song that best describes the year as per the authors. While reading the book I found the authors have rightly named each decade and the songs they have selected represent the years.

To me it is an interesting way of telling the significant events of a year through a song, it is not a history book yet you get to know so much about post-independence India through this book. It is a book you can read in parts as each chapter represents a year and the main events that happened in that year. An interesting read, which gives you an insight into post-independence India and the main events of each year through a song that best represents the year.

Writing Style and Readability

The book is simple and easy to read. History and music are interwoven very artistically by the authors. Each year is broken into chapters thus making the book a very organized and interesting read.  

About the Authors

Ankur Bhardwaj is a journalist with Business Standard. Passionate about films, food, and politics, he has an innate understanding of India because of his wide-ranging experience in myriad jobs dealing with technology. 

Seema Chishti is a journalist with The Indian Express. Having worked as a television and radio broadcaster with BBC in the UK, she has been riding the technology curve in reverse having finally moved to print journalism in India. 

Sushant Singh is a journalist with The Indian Express. He writes on matters of strategy, defense, foreign policy, and politics. 

Our Verdict

Go for it, if you enjoy history and love music/poetry.

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