Animal Farm

Why I picked Animal Farm?

I have heard so much about this book from all the serious book lovers and voracious readers I have known. Moreover, I had already read 1984 by George Orwell and liked in very much, so I decided to read this one.

The Book

Animal Farm is an story of a Manor farm of a drunken Mr. Jones.  One day Mr. Jones forgets to feed the animals and thus starts a rebellion against Mr. Jones. Any revolution starts only when people and their family face hunger and are on the verge of dying due to lack of food. People tolerate oppression of an autocratic leader or a king till the time it comes to their basic need of survival – the food.

The book takes the readers through how the farm animals plans a rebellion against Mr. Jones. The forming of an union of sorts of all the animals and the emergence of leader among all those animals. The promises made by the animal leaders of the changes they will once they throw out Mr. Jones from the farm house and take care of themselves on their own. But as history tells us promises are only promises and remain as promises, it is the leaders at the top who benefits from any revolution.

After throwing Mr. Jones out of the farm all the animals were very enthusiastic about the Idea of Animal Farm and started following the instructions of the the leaders. But as time passes things started to change or we can say started to go back as they were. Some animals were not doing any work, some did not have time even to rest. Some of the animals were enthusiastic that they are part of change and working day and night, others started to feel skeptical. How things move from here is a tale of almost all the revolutions.

Animal Farm is an allegory on the socialist revolution in Russia. How it started and inspired the common people of Russia and how once the socialist got the power, they were not able to manage it. Story of a historical revolution gone wrong told in a brilliant  satirical way.

About the Author

 George Orwell’s real name was Eric Arthur Blair. He was a very popular novelist, essayist, critic and journalist. His works spoke out against the social injustice that was prevalent at that time. He was in favour of democratic socialism and was opposed to totalitarianism. He continues to be held in high esteem as one of the most influential voices of his time, who spoke out about the English culture, as it was, during his lifespan.

Our Verdict

A must read masterpiece of a story.

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